Economist (Regional Development Planning)

(versão em português)

Ladislau Dowbor

Academic training: undergraduate degree in Economics of the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) in l968. Masters (1973) and Doctorate (1976) at the Central School of Planning and Statistics of Warsaw. Advanced Program in National Planning at the Central School of Planning and Statistics, first award. Main area: development economics and development planning.

Publications: over forty books published, on basic problems of economic development as well as local and regional development planning in different countries. Coordination of several national and local development plans. A number of articles and technical reports on urban development, community participation, local information systems, and environmental issues. The Doctorate thesis was published in Poland (Ossolineum), in France, Portugal and Brazil. Recent publications mostly concern local development and management, as well as technical reports for Unicef, Habitat and others. Papers and books may be consulted at

Professional experience: organization of national and local planning systems, through United Nations projects and others: organization of project evaluation and follow up; coordination of sector and global development plans; drawing up basic financial evaluations for financial round tables; training of officials in development planning. Organization of local and decentralized planning experiences: municipal information systems for development planning; informatics and local management; participation of community organizations. Main experiences of national and local development planning in Brazil, Poland, Algeria, Portugal, Mali, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Costa Rica, South Africa. Consultancies for UNCTAD, UNDP, DTCD, SIDA, HABITAT, UNICEF and others. Special adviser to the Mayor of São Paulo (1989-92), in charge of international relations, environment and special community projects. Consultancies with a number of mayors and city organizations.

Academic experience: instructor at the American College of Leysin (l965); teaching assistant at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales in Lausanne (1967/68); associate Professor at the University of Coimbra (l975/77). Director of the Graduate Program in Public and Business Administration PUC-SP (l982-l985); full professor at the Catholic University of São Paulo (l982-present).

Languages: fluent in Portuguese, English, French, Polish, Spanish, Italian and Russian.

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